Forgive and Strive for Justice

Detroit Free Press.?? An 86-year-old man, Aaron Brantley, in Detroit was hit from behind and his car stolen. In the attack, his leg was broken.?? The man accused of these actions wrote to to Mr. Brantley from prison and asked for forgiveness.????Brantley forgave the imprisoned man, saying that he still wants to see him serve some time.?? In other words, one can forgive and seek justice at the same time.

The suspect, Paris Gomillion, 20, of Detroit never looked at Aaron Brantley as the elderly man testified from his wheelchair today in 36th District Court in Detroit. Brantley said he was hit from behind before the keys were snatched out of his hand. He then crawled with a broken leg into the gas station when no one came to his aid.

Brantley said he received a letter from Gomillion sent from jail after the Feb. 22 carjacking at the BP on West McNichols at Fairfield.

???The dude wanted me to forgive him,??? Brantley said today. ???The letter said he wanted me to pray for him, and he was sorry for what he had done. But I did pray for him and so forth and forgive him for what he had done.???

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