Grade K-4 I Can Love

Grade K-4 I Can Love

The forgiveness curriculum guides I Can Love! (K-4) and The Heart of Love as the Building Blocks of Forgiveness (K-5) should be seen as pre-forgiveness curricula. I say this because the focus is not on forgiveness as much as it is on agape love, or the kind of love that serves others. Without a developmental grounding in what love is, without some experience of being loved and loving others, it may be more difficult for the children to deeply understand forgiveness in the later grades.

These guides have fewer lessons (eight) compared with the number of lesson in the later guides (12 to 16). We present stories through picture books in which a mother or a father, for example, tenderly and unconditionally love a child. “The Runaway Bunny” by Margaret Wise Brown, as one example in the Kindergarten curriculum reference books, depicts an insecure toddler-bunny who keeps asking his mother if she would love him if he were different. In every case she patiently and lovingly shows him how she would be with him no matter what. The children then discuss the beauty and importance of being loved unconditionally.

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