Grade 10 Giving Hope and Healing

Grade 10 Giving Hope and Healing

Course Two (Grade 10 Curriculum) begins with a review of the first phase of forgiveness, “Uncovering Your Anger” and other key concepts from Course One (Grade 9 Curriculum). It then reviews the remaining phases of forgiveness with an emphasis on Phase 2, “Deciding to Forgive.” Students should gain a deeper understanding of the following concepts:

  • what it means to choose forgiveness
  • how choosing forgiveness gives meaning, purpose, and hope
    to pain caused from an injustice,
  • how choosing forgiveness is a selfless gift of love towards the
    one who hurt you,
  • the benefits of choosing forgiveness and bearing the pain as a
    gift of selfless love, and
  • the consequences of not forgiving, of harboring the pain
    caused by injustice.

Course Two also focuses on the topic of “Bearing the Pain as a Gift of Selfless Love.” This topic involves understanding the value and importance of offering forgiveness as a gift of selfless love for the good of others, those who you care about and for your offender who is also a human being despite his or her actions. This gives meaning, purpose, and hope to our pain caused from an injustice or unfairness. It gives us a fuller picture in deciding to forgive.

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