A Family Guide to Forgiveness Education

A Family Guide to Forgiveness Education

A Family Guide to Forgiveness Education: A Guided Curriculum for Parents

This manual is based on forgiveness education curricula that have been successfully taught to children in Belfast, Northern Ireland and in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. Our research in those environments showed that the curricula reduced anger and psychological depression.

This guide uses story, discussion, and activities to help primary-aged children learn: 1) what forgiveness is and is not; 2) the meanings of inherent worth, moral love, and goodness and the ways to practice them apart from forgiveness; 3) the importance of finding balance as we acknowledge the worth of both the self and others and offer moral love and goodness to both the self and others; 4) the ways to practice seeing others’ inherent worth and offering moral love and goodness as part of the forgiveness process; 5) how to forgive a person who was unfair; and 6) the importance of seeking and receiving forgiveness.

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