The Enright Forgiveness Inventory for Children

The Enright Forgiveness Inventory for Children

- by Robert D. Enright and Julio Rique
The Enright Forgiveness Inventory (EFI) for Children has been the measurement tool of choice in forgiveness research for the groundbreaking forgiveness research center at the University of Wisconsin and in many other research applications. The EFI is an objective measure of the degree to which one person forgives another who has hurt him or her deeply and unfairly.
The EFI for Children is based on the EFI for Adults which has sixty items and three subscales of twenty items each that assess the domains of Affect, Behavior and Cognition. Each subscale is yet divided into two internal subscales composed by ten positive items and ten negative items (i.e., Positive Affect, Negative Affect, Positive Behavior, Negative Behavior, Positive Cognition, and Negative Cognition). In addition, five final items are added for construct validity.
The Enright Forgiveness Inventory for Children is a 30-item scale similar to the 60-item adult version. With the Children’s Inventory, we assess a child’s degree of forgiveness toward one person for one hurtful event. It is presented orally to the child. We have had consistently good psychometric results with our studies of students receiving forgiveness education in Belfast, Northern Ireland and in Milwaukee, WI.
The Enright Forgiveness Inventory Manual begins with a description of the concept of forgiveness and the process model of forgiving upon which the Enright Forgiveness Inventory is based. The manual then provides administration and scoring instructions, the establishment of validity and internal consistency, national and international norm tables, and a bibliography of forgiveness research articles. The manual also presents evidence of the association between high scores on the EFI and low scores on measures of anxiety (STAI) and depression (BDI).
Ordering the manual is a great first step for graduate students who are preparing a research proposal.

The Enright Forgiveness Inventory for Children is now available in the Urdu language. Contact the IFI Director for more information.


Editor’s Note:
You need a Manual if…
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… you need details on Reliability, Validity, Administration, Scoring and Interpretation.
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2) You need a License to Reproduce/Administer if…
… you want to do a paper and pencil survey.

… you want to use the instrument for any other purpose.

In both cases you administer and score the instrument.

Because Dr. Enright wants to share this program with as many students and researchers as possible, the International Forgiveness Institute is making the complete Inventory available at no cost.

This instrument is offered free and is available only in the electronic version which will be sent to you as an email attachment. To order, email your request to the IFI Director at director@internationalforgiveness.com.

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