How You Can Help

You can become a “Healing Hearts Hero” by financially supporting our work of healing hearts, building peace. A contribution of any amount will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged with a “Healing Hearts Hero” certificate and recognition on the IFI website.


Your support of the International Forgiveness Institute’s school forgiveness programs will:

  • Help reduce bullying while fostering the development of a more harmonious learning environment in grade schools, middle schools, and high schools
  • Help students improve interpersonal relationships
  • Promote tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity
  • Challenge stereotypes of one’s own and others’ identities/communities
  • Extend knowledge and understanding of other cultures, beliefs and traditions
  • Bring students from different backgrounds together to work toward a common goal

In addition to the immediate benefits for the students participating in forgiveness education programs, your support will help create a model for peace that can be implemented by teachers around the world. Your gift today will put a smile on a child’s face tomorrow.


Donate online.

Or donate by check to:
IFI – Healing Hearts
801 Glenview Drive
Madison, WI 53716-3628


The International Forgiveness Institute is a tax-exempt charitable organization classified by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Our Ireland Tax Clearance Certificate Number is: 40032657-00001A.

Learn More: “About the International Forgiveness Institute”

Show your moral support by living a forgiving life and becoming a “Peace Builder” by signing The Forgiveness Pledge.