Benefactors, Investors and Board of Directors

Walker Family Provides Decades of Ongoing Support



In 1985, Professor Robert Enright of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison  launched the psychology of forgiveness–the study of how people go about forgiving others in the face of deep injustice. The forgiveness work, however, did not truly “take off” until one day in 1990 when Dr. William Walker, also a psychologist and head of the Mid-West Family Broadcasting Group, teamed up with Dr. Enright to help spread the forgiveness message throughout the world.

Without the involvement of William Walker and subsequently, his son Thomas, as well as the significant financial support of their Mid-West Family Broadcasting Group, the field of forgiveness would not be where it is today. Read more about the Walker family involvement in forgiveness education at The Birth of a New Science.

Financial Supporters Invest in the International Forgiveness Institute (IFI)

In addition to the life-giving financial support of the Walker Family and the Mid-West Family Broadcasting Group, scores of other foundations, corporations, and individuals have generously provided financial support to the International Forgiveness Institute since its founding.


Here is a List of IFI Investors and Donors:

Strategic Direction Provided by Board of Directors

Direction for the International Forgiveness Institute, which was formed as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation in 1995, is provided by its 8-member Board of Directors (the organization’s governing body).

2023 Board of Directors

* Founding Board Member

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IFI Forgiveness Partners are Healing Hearts 

Generous and warm-hearted individuals who subscribe to Dr. Enright’s forgiveness methodology, forgiveness education, and forgiveness therapy initiatives provide invaluable support to the IFI with their hands-on personal involvement and commitment. The IFI recognizes those individuals with its prestigious “Healing Hearts Hero” award.

Here is a look at some of those important forgiveness partners and what makes them so special:

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