Safe Driving Pledge

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By signing this “DRIVE FOR OTHERS’ LIVES” Safe Driving Campaign Pledge, you are acknowledging these truths…

  • You are not alone on the road.
  • You are part of a group as soon as you place your car on the road.
  • You serve others by how you drive.

As a result of this recognition, all drivers, passengers and pedestrians will not only be safer but also emotionally healthier on the road because aggressive driving actions will be reduced, and road safety will be improved.



LIVES” Pledge…

  1. I have made a commitment to DRIVE FOR OTHERS’ LIVES.
  2. I will deliberately drive with the knowledge that other people as persons are worthy of my respect as a driver.
  3. All people including those who are driving alongside me, in front of me, and behind me, are people of inherent worth.
  4. I will give my undivided attention to driving when I am behind the wheel.
  5. I will make the slogan “DRIVE FOR OTHERS’ LIVES,” a part of my driving mind-set.
  6. If someone gets irrational and yells at me, I commit not to “take the bait.”

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