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The Enright Forgiveness Inventory-30 (EFI-30) is a shorter version of the Enright Forgiveness Inventory for Adults that has become the interpersonal forgiveness measure of choice for research professionals in the United States and abroad since its development in 1995. The new tool is suitable to verify affective, behavioral, and cognitive changes in people who choose forgiveness for improvement of their well-being and is designed to assess six psychological stances of victims toward offenders: positive affect, negative affect, positive behavior, negative behavior, positive cognition, and negative cognition.

The EFI-30 reduces the number of items from 60 to 30 for the purpose of a more practical assessment of this construct. Data from the United States were used in the creation of the new measure and applied to seven nations: Austria, Brazil, Israel, Korea, Norway, Pakistan, and Taiwan. Results from the EFI-30 Validation Study (full text included in the EFI-30 Manual) provided the psychometric evidence for the reduced version of the EFI-30 across cultures. The discrimination values are positive, suggesting that the selected items have the sensitivity to differentiate accurately people with different degrees of forgiveness and good psychometric properties of internal consistency.

Because Dr. Robert Enright, whose team developed the tool, wants to share this measure with as many researchers and clinicians as possible, the International Forgiveness Institute is making the complete Inventory available at no cost. It is available in downloadable electronic format and can be accessed with a coded link that will be sent to you via email after you request a copy of the ESFI.

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