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If someone hasn’t harmed me directly, can I still forgive this person?  As an illustration, one of my fellow employees was intentionally injured by our boss.  Can I forgive the person who mistreated the co-worker whom I respect for his integrity and tenacity?

You speak of what some philosophers refer to as secondary forgiveness. Put another way, you have suffered by someone else’s wrongdoing toward a significant other and not toward you personally.  You can forgive if something unfair happens to others and then this causes you pain.  This can even happen if you are injured even though […]

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How can I convince myself that I am worthy of love after letting down too many people in my life.  I am having a hard time loving myself.  Help!

Once we forgive others, we realize that we can offer unconditional love to ourselves, as we do not judge ourselves by our actions alone. Self-forgiveness is about finally allowing yourself to be gentle to……you.  You realize that you are imperfect. You fall flat sometimes, and yet you do not have to keep yourself down.  In […]

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