A significant experience of forgiveness was returning home to my Catholic faith.

It had been over 20 years since I had experienced the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I remember well that I had been experiencing a lot of restlessness and anxiety. Then I decided to go to this sacrament. I was very nervous, but after much prayer, I had a strong prompting in my heart to take this step.

After I went, the burden of restlessness and anxiety was lifted within my heart! I had received a great gift from God within this beautiful healing sacrament. It was God’s divine grace that took away my sins because I had received the gift of forgiveness from God. I had built up layers of dust within my heart. (One definition of sin: “an often serious shortcoming.” Merriam-Webster dictionary.)

After I have read Dr. Enright’s book, “Forgiveness Is A Choice”, I have learned much more on the importance and healing of this most important act of forgiveness. It does take time to learn how to forgive, and it can be a painful process. No pain, no gain. I realize that forgiveness is an essential key element in also loving others too.

I am so very grateful that Dr. Enright has stayed the course in this most important work. He is truly a gift to others in helping us all to learn how to forgive which helps to heal the broken heart and this leads to true and everlasting peace.

God bless Dr. Enright and all those at the International Forgiveness Institute. I was also touched to be asked to write a moment of forgiveness, which I hope and pray that it can help others as well.

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