I was someone who was bullied in middle school. I was not so great at sports and I was quiet. This made me a target for about four other guys, who thought they were amazing. Sometimes, they would push against me as I walked through the halls and sometimes they would sit down by me at lunch and start whispering bad stuff in my ear as I tried to eat. Once I started to look them in the eye and talk in a way that showed them I was not about to take this, they started to back off, way off. I started to forgive them before I stood my ground and I am glad I did. Otherwise things could have gotten out of hand and a big fight could have started. They saw that I meant what I said and they did not want what was going to happen next. They were all talk and no courage. When I saw that it was even easier to forgive. They were scared kids trying to be tough.

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Categories: Your Forgiveness Story