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The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Rev. Michael Barry, the director of pastoral care at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, says unforgiveness is considered a disease which can affect your health, especially if you’re fighting a long term illness. Once you forgive, Barry adds, you release your burden of hatred and only then can your healing begin. Watch the video.

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Forgiveness is the best revenge

National Random Acts of Kindness week, kicked off by Valentine’s Day, has everyone smiling, opening doors and handing out hugs and chocolates. Want to join in and do something kind? Try forgiving someone who has hurt you. Not only will you feel better, your health will benefit as well.

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Forgiveness lived, forgiveness shared

The Bruderhof, a Christian community founded in the 1920s in the Anabaptist tradition, focuses on living the life of the early Christians and engages in many concrete initiatives that aim to infuse the Christian message into today???s society. One of their main forms of outreach involves bringing a message of forgiveness and reconciliation to thousands of youth in the U.S. each year and collaborating with various international organizations who share their passion for peace.

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A Jewish Hockey Player at History’s Indelible Crossroad

The New York Times. Very few Jewish athletes have played on German teams since World War II.??Read about hockey player, Evan Kaufmann, and his struggle beyond the game as he finds himself an American Jewish athlete transplanted to the country where his grandparents were killed. Forgiveness is a theme that is part of his experience as he and his wife make their adjustments.

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When to Grant Forgiveness

Read about a controversy that has developed in what is often called the “political correctness” department that is taking place on national television. At the heart of the controversy, however, is an important lesson about “conditional” or “earned” forgiveness.

TV reporter Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC says Asian Actress Lisa Chan “deserves to be forgiven.”

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