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What Does Forgiveness Have to Do With Depression?

Forgiving is vital to overcoming depression, according to a number of researchers and authors. Robert Enright, among other researchers, found that college students were less forgiving and more anxious than their parents. Why? Because their parents had learned to forgive. Read the full article here.

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Students use Facebook to learn about forgiveness

The course, “Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Peace-Building,” was offered this past fall and taught simultaneously at St. Ambrose University (Davenport, IA), the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and St. Mary’s University College (Belfast, Northern Ireland). Instructors and students in each classroom explored the subject across multiple disciplines, with St. Ambrose delving into the theology of forgiveness, UW-M examining its psychological implications, and St. Mary’s focusing on the role education can play in building a culture of forgiveness. Over the course of the semester, the students in all three classrooms came together via Facebook to discuss their thoughts and observations. Read the article¬†from the St. Ambrose magazine Scene.

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