Grade 12 Giving Forgiveness Away to Others


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This is the fourth and final course offered in the “Healing Hearts, Building Peace” forgiveness curricula (Grade 12 in the US, Year 14 in the UK). At this level we encourage students to take what they have learned and explore ways they can “pay it forward” as they enter into life beyond high school.  The challenge is to hang on to the forgiving person they have hopefully become, while sharing their learning, knowledge, and experiences in the new communities they will soon embrace.

A Student-Centered Approach to Creating a Forgiving Community

For this program to be successful, it will be vitally important that the students become actively engaged and enthusiastic about forgiveness and are able to take ownership over its growth and implementation.  We hope you can encourage students to take a more active and personal role in creating a forgiving environment.

Creating a Forgiving Environment

One of the most effective strategies for learning is to live out what you have been taught — taking ownership over and being able to apply learning in a very real and practical way.  Our environment has a strong impact on how we act and how we view the world and others in our world.  The people, messages, and physical world around us, greatly influence our thoughts, views, opinions, feelings, attitudes, and actions.

For these reasons it is important to not only instruct students on forgiveness, but also encourage and allow opportunities for living out forgiveness and creating a forgiving environment in their school, home, and local community.  Please think of this as not simply a curriculum guide to teach forgiveness, but as a comprehensive forgiveness program in which the students and all community members take a personal and active role in incorporating forgiveness into the culture of their school and community.

This 12th Grade Curriculum Guide uses Dr. Enright’s book “The Forgiving Life” as its primary text.

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