Grade 5 The Journey Toward Forgiveness and Love


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This fifth grade curriculum helps students learn about forgiveness through stories, discussion, and activities. In the first five lessons, the students will study: what forgiveness is and is not; inherent worth and agape love within the context of giving, seeking, and receiving forgiveness. Lesson 6 emphasizes the importance of achieving a balance in applying agape love and forgiveness. Lesson 7 helps students recognize “emotions” related to unfair or unjust hurts and distinguish what is healthy anger vs. unhealthy anger. In Lessons 8 through 13, the students will learn the actual process of how to forgive. In Lessons 14, the students will learn the positive impacts of forgiveness and agape love in wider communities. Each lesson can be taught in approximately 45 minutes with additional activities to extend the lesson if you so choose. This curriculum guide is available in Arabic, English, Hebrew, and Traditional Chinese.

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Arabic, English, Hebrew, Traditional Chinese


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