The Anti-New-Year’s Resolution!

Amber Flesch

We see them every year — but only for about a month, maybe up to three months for the real go-getters — that’s right, the New Year’s Resolutionaries!  They flood the gym and take over your treadmill, they hop on the latest diet-trend band wagon, gidgets and gadgets galore are gathered up for achieving new goals. Come about March or May those New Year resolutions lists and goal-reaching gadgets are scarce to be found, merely a memory. Sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve even been a NY Resolutionary yourself? I think we all have. Strong and steady with our brand-new, shine-y dreams and goals for a new year, until the first road bump knocks us down! “Aaah, well, at least I tried!” we sigh with resignation, “Maybe next year.”

How about if this year we all make an Anti-New-Year’s Resolution to reach our forgiveness goals? Let’s anticipate and prepare for our moment of weakness or “failure” – the point at which we fall down. Tripping up on life’s impending road blocks and obstacles is an imminent reality. We’ve heard it said before, “anything worth doing is worth doing wrong.” We all struggle, we all fall down. The only difference between those who fail and those who succeed, and what makes a hero is the getting back up! And you don’t have to wait for the dawn of a new year to get up and try again!

Whether it’s January 1st or June 11 does not matter! Brush yourself off and make an Anti-New-Year’s Resolution today and every day, realizing that each day is a new beginning, not just New Year’s Day. In fact, for a more positive twist (albeit a little cliché-sounding) let’s call it an “Every-Day’s-a-New-Day Resolution.”

Here are some concrete steps for your Every-Day’s-a-New-Day Resolution; “when” (not if) you fall down:

  1. Re-evaluate (What went wrong and why?)
  2. Re-strategize (How do I overcome this moving forward? What changes can I make?)
  3. Re-focus (What/who is my motivation?)
  4. Re-group (Who is my support team or advocate?)
  5. RE-Resolve! – NOW is the time to move forward with the persistence and patience of the tortoise closing in on the unsuspecting hare, with the stubbornness of a relentless mule, the ferocity and courage of a mother lioness protecting her young, the resilience of Rudolf forging through the meanest blizzard to guide Santa’s sleigh!

OK, seriously? Truly more inspiring than a tortoise or reindeer are these real-life, every-day forgiveness heroes:

Read about Frank who with his altruistic, giving nature, overcomes his struggles and frustrations over an unfair promotional system. Realizing that forgiveness is a work in progress, he motivates himself by focusing on the reason for his forgiving — his students. Who are people in your life who could use a hero like Frank? Who is your motivation to forgive?

Who are people in your life who could use a hero like Frank? Who is your motivation to forgive?

Draw inspiration from Margaret’s honest, self-revealing evaluation of the anger and resentment draining her energy and holding her thoughts captive. (Margaret’s Story) She is persistent and patient in her daily foot-race against this unhealthy anger.How long will this journey take? If you start today, you’ll be that much further ahead tomorrow. How often must I work towards forgiveness? Slow and steady wins the journey of forgiveness; freedom, hope, joy, and peace are some of the many rewards!

What are your forgiveness goals?

Are you wondering how to get started? Check out the 4 Phases of Forgiveness to guide you through the process

Make your goals concrete by sharing them with others on our forums page. This is a great way we can support each other in our ongoing Every-Day’s-a-New-Day Forgiveness Resolutions!

Make an effort today to start your goals and if you fall tomorrow, get up and try again! Have a Happy New Day!

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