How, Why and When to Forgive a Transgression

Dick Goldberg, veteran talk show host, produces “psychology podcasts to help, motivate, and inspire you.” He interviewed Dr. Robert Enright on Tuesday, March 6 on the subject of “How, Why and When to Forgive a Transgression.

Dick Goldberg hosted ???For Love or Money??? for 8 years on Wisconsin Public Radio and produced and hosted over 150 programs on PBS on the series ???Insights??? and ???Inside Business Today,” which were broadcast on over 200 PBS-TV stations. He is a practicing therapist in Madison, Wisconsin for the past 30 years, as well as the author of 4 books. Dick has a passion for helping shape interviews into clear and useful information for his listeners, and making his guests, not himself, the ???star??? of the program.

His 30-minute podcast with Dr. Enright is??available here.

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