What if…..

…..many children in oppressive environments were able to learn about forgiveness, starting at age 4 and continuing to age 18;

…..prior to marriage, each one did the work of forgiving people from the family-of-origin, thus reducing or even eliminating significant sources of anger and angry interaction patterns;

…..schools could be places not only of learning obedience, cooperation, and fidelity to assignments (and other expressions of justice) but also were places infused with mercy;

…..justice systems imbedded restorative justice and themes of mercy into that system;

…..each person who chose to do so cultivated the “softer” virtues of forgiveness and love each day;

…..each person who chose to do so asked, “What will be my legacy? What will I leave behind when I die?” and the answer was, “Goodness”?

What if I told you that all of this is possible?


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