Helpful Forgiveness Hint

When you have been hurt by another person, try to look far beyond the injustice itself and your current feelings. Try to see long into the future and ask yourself this question: How might my reaction to this situation affect my legacy, what I leave behind when I die? If you stay even mildly annoyed for a long time, you might be leaving behind the disappointment and even anger that you passed to others, even without intending to do so. If you forgive, you might be leaving behind a sense of love in the face of hardship. Which would you rather leave to others?


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  1. Carmella says:

    It is so easy to fall into the trap of wallowing in one’s own pain in the present without realizing that how we respond to that pain in the long run matters even more. Legacy is so important here. It has taught me to look beyond the pain to who I can and will be in the future.


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