A Forgiving Tree

New York Daily News. Hip-hop artist and art curator Derrick Harden helped to plant a tree in Brooklyn, New York, where his sister was killed by her boyfriend. The incident happened 20 years ago. Last January he accidentally came across the man responsible for his sister’s death. The tree, a symbol of forgiveness, was planted in January and last week Derrick went back with his family members to place a plaque on the tree. “I believe in forgiveness,” he said.

Changing things for the better is why Derrick Harden earlier this year joined the “Buds” committee of the New York Restoration Project, to plant an Upright Hornbeam tree in front of the McCleods Community Garden in the Howard projects in his sister’s honor.

“I just believe that being positive you can do anything,” Harden said. “I don’t believe in mistakes, I believe in forgiveness. I believe people grow, and these beliefs probably bring good things to me.”

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