Should an Apology Lead to Legal Pardon in the Philippines?, Manila, Philippines – A man who ran a red light and was ticketed by a law enforcement officer has apologized for hitting the officer with his fist. He is hoping for a legal pardon because his job requires the use of a car. Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman Francis Tolentino made the distinction between the officer accepting the apology and the Development Authority continuing with justice.

Motorist Robert Blair Carabuena issued a public apology for berating and hitting the traffic officer who tried to cite him for going through a red light. Despite the apology, the Land Transportation Office maintained that Carabuena should be held accountable for his action.

“LTO will not accept the public apology of Carabuena. He violated a law. He should be accountable for his action. Regardless of whether he gets pardoned by the MMDA traffic enforcer, the LTO will determine its own independent course of action,” said LTO Metro Manila director Teofilo Guadiz.

Story is here: Forgive me, Carabuena asks authorities.

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