Unwanted Forgiveness

Have you ever forgiven someone who punctuated your gift with, “OK…..What for?”

It can be unsettling and more than a little annoying. So, if the other person does not want your forgiveness, for whatever reason, is it better to withhold it rather than give it?

Perhaps the answer lies in how one gives forgiveness rather than in the questioning of whether or not to offer it. After all, forgiveness is a virtue, a gift of goodness to another who has been unfair. Even if he perceives that the actions were justified, and therefore forgiveness is unnecessary, your forgiving is a gift.

You can offer forgiveness without telling the other, but instead by showing it. The other is not likely to reject kindness, but even if she did, kindness is always good.

Unwanted forgiveness? Sometimes people do not know what is good for them, so we give it in ways that are more acceptable to them. Forgiveness as an act of virtue is always good.

Dr. Bob

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  1. Justeen says:

    This happened to me recently. It made me question if he really did wrong. He did. So I went ahead and forgave. He did not like it but what can you do sometimes?


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