Extending the Love of Forgiveness in New Directions

As we practice the love of forgiveness, don’t be surprised if that love spills over into other areas of your life. Here is one heart warming story that a friend, who practices forgiveness daily, told to me:

“When I was riding my bike yesterday, a homeless woman was pushing a shopping cart that contained, in all likelihood, all of her worldly possessions. I stopped and said, ‘Excuse me…’ She looked afraid and startled, which is typical in the homeless world because people usually hurt them rather than help them. Then I said to her, ‘Would you please do me a favor and hold this for me?’ I then put a $20 bill in her hand. She looked at the money and started to laugh….and then I laughed. And she thanked me and had very soft eyes toward me. I then continued the ride…..with a warmer heart than when I started out.”

Dr. Bob

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  1. Gwenn says:

    This one touched my heart. The dear woman pushing the cart could be our friend or sister or mother. We need more compassion toward the homeless people.

  2. Blayne says:

    This entry made me cry. So beautiful. Those who forgive those who are hard to forgive develop beautiful souls. Now that is a challenge for me.


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