Seeing the Tapestry for the Threads: Who We Really Are as Persons

We just received this beautifully-stated image from someone recovering from abuse through practicing forgiveness:

“I have always viewed my recovery work like studying a tapestry. In the beginning, I stood up close, with all of my attention on the threads of abuse, which prevented me from seeing the full beauty of the tapestry. I thought with an up close view, I would be able to unravel the pain that it caused me. With each step in recovery, I am able to step back from the threads of abuse, and see a grander view of the tapestry that is my life. Each time I make progress, I allow the abuse to fade into the background of the tapestry. The abuse is becoming a fiber in the background, which is how everyone, but me, has viewed my life.”

This person is more than each strand of abuse suffered. There is a beautiful tapestry of this life to be seen and appreciated.

Thank you for the email. Thank you for the courage to heal through forgiveness.


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  1. Samantha says:

    Thank you for this post which shows me the dignity of each person, even those who are “thread-bare” because of all the abuse suffered. There is a beautiful soul just waiting to emerge.

  2. Beth says:

    This is so poetic. I like the expression of the tapestry and the thread better than the expression, “The forest for the trees” primarily because the tapestry is a work of art. Our lives really can be a work of art and that art need not be disparaged just because others have abused us.

  3. Brandon says:

    Yes, it does take courage to heal. Sometimes it is easy to curl up in a little ball and stay in the victim mode. When you forgive you are not saying that the other guy acted ok. No, instead we have the courage to stand up and say that I no longer wish to live this way. I choose a better way.

  4. Alex says:

    Too often people misunderstand themselves. Just today I heard a student remark to other students that she considers herself to be a loser. And here she is, beautiful, athletic, and intelligent. She just does not see this in herself. She needs to step back and see her inherent worth. It would do wonders for her mood, i am sure.


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