One of my professors stated that forgiveness is a passive activity. In other words, one does not solve problems by forgiving. Instead, one reacts to problems through forgiving. So, as we wait and react, we are passive and active in actually doing anything at all about our life’s problems. I wonder what you think about this.

You are wondering what I think about your professor’s thoughts on forgiveness. I think they are wrong. Just because forgiveness does not directly solve the problem of injustice does not make it passive. Yes, forgiveness comes after an injustice, but it is hardly passive. A forgiver struggles with anger, struggles to understand the one who was hurtful, and struggles to find compassion for the other. These are quite active responses. We should remember, further, that as a person forgives, the one forgiven sometimes sees the errors of his/her ways. Therefore, forgiveness actually can be one way of correcting an injustice.

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