Reflection on Legacy—Your Legacy

While surfing the web yesterday, I came across this idea on legacy: “…. legacy counts for little: the vast majority of us will be forgotten and our works with us.”

That quotation got me to think about each of our legacies. Legacy is what we leave behind when we die. Even if we are forgotten and our work along with us, legacy remains. You see, legacy is not just how we are remembered. In addition, and most importantly, legacy is what actually remains from our actions here on earth—whether what is left is attributed to us or not.

In a recent blog post we discussed anger in Northern Ireland, an anger that has lasted since the late 17th century. No one today can pinpoint who it was that started all of this anger that lives on. Yet, it lives on. It is real and it was started by some who left it here on this earth when they died.

I think love shares this with anger: It, too, can be our legacy that lives on long after we are gone, and it can exist apart from anyone ever connecting our love back to us.

Does legacy count for little? Look at the legacy of anger in countries torn by strife for centuries. Even though we cannot name the originators, the legacy is profound and not in a good way.

Does legacy count for little? Think of even one time in which one of your parents gave you legitimate love that stayed in your heart. If you can pass that to even one other heart and then it is passed on to another heart, does this count for little?

Do not be concerned if your name is not in lights 200 years from now. Be very concerned that you have the opportunity today to start a pattern of love that goes from heart to heart to heart…even if you and your works are long forgotten.

Legacy can be profound and in a very positive way. Start your legacy today. Love someone deeply enough that the love abides in that heart….and lives on.


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  1. Harriet M says:

    I am in my senior years and this post hit home for me. I wish I had started being aware of what I will leave behind when I was in my 20s. You younger people take note. The time goes more quickly than you might think. Leave love behind starting now. When you look back in your elderly years you will then do so with a smile.

  2. Samantha says:

    Harriet, you are right, and I want to remind you that it is never too late to work on your own legacy. Your legacy is not just yours. It belongs to so many others who may benefit centuries down the time tunnel.

  3. Jamie L says:

    Whoops……This is something I had not considered for most of my life. I will start now to leave a legacy of more love. What an awful thought that I could have left a bunch of anger for others to deal with.


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