Helpful Forgiveness Hint

We sometimes think that those who hurt us have far more control over us than they actually do. We often measure our happiness or unhappiness by what has happened in the past.

My challenges to you today are these: Your response of forgiveness now to the one who hurt you can set you free from a past influence that has been toxic. Try to measure your happiness by what you will do next (not by what is past). Your next move can be this–to love regardless of what others do to you.


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  1. Samantha says:

    Looking toward the future offers us hope. When the door-to-love-more-deeply is seen, the hope increases. Looking back, when there is no recourse to change anything, can open the door to discouragement.

  2. Harriet M says:

    Forgiveness sets us free so that we can enjoy life and past that to other people. I just will never understand why forgiveness is not given more emphasis in families and societies. The world would be better off. Your website is a glowing example of what can be.

  3. CM says:

    I have been in that place of anger and it just made me a cranky person. No more of that for me.

  4. Jamie L says:

    We take back control of our life when we forgive. I prefer to not let the other control me.


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