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I am curious. Suppose you could give just one piece of advice about forgiveness to the world. What would that one particular gem be?

Wow…..This is a tough question…..OK…..Let me think……Here is the advice: As you forgive, please learn to love more deeply because forgiveness is about loving those who have not been showing love to you. As you love, let it grow in you and give that love to others. I think this will lead to a better world.

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Forgiveness Offered to Rebels, to Colombia – Five years after being kidnapped and held captive in the jungles of Colombia for six years, former Colombian presidential candidate, Ingrid Betancourt, is calling for forgiveness toward the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and as a general attitude as a pathway to healing in her country.

“We are all, in Colombia, responsible for this horrible war. We are all part of a generation that, with forgiveness, must assume this responsibility.”

When asked if she would ever consider forgiving the FARC commander who held her prisoner, she said this: “Life gave him the possibility to understand what he made us go through since he’s now a prisoner, like we were,” she said. “If I had him in front of me, I would simply hug him.”

Read the full story:  “Five years after freedom, Betancourt urges forgiveness.”

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