Helpful Forgiveness Hint

Today’s homework assignment: Do no harm. This idea has long been a part of medical ethics, taught in med schools. It applies directly to the forgiveness process. It is a beginning. By “Do no harm,” I am not suggesting that you not talk with others about this person, but I am asking if you do so that you talk in a way that does not condemn him or her…..ever again. That is the hard part of today’s homework, to commit to stopping all forms of revenge or passive aggression or any form of negativism against the one who treated you unfairly.


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  1. Opel says:

    So hard to do. The tongue surely can be a weapon of revenge. I will try my best here with this challenge. I know I will be better off. As some of the previous posts have shown, such as the one on the Pieta, we can do no harm as we try for fairness, right?

  2. Josh says:

    To deliberately act on “do no harm” takes great strength because there are so many subtle ways to get back at a person. “Do no harm” seems to be a milestone one reaches when forgiving that illuminates the rest of the path of forgiveness.

  3. Michael L says:

    If I think bad thoughts about person A, have I harmed him? What if I have bad feelings toward him? Does it have to be actions in particular from which I refrain? In other words, might thoughts and/or feelings also be capable of doing harm?

  4. Samantha says:

    Michael, the thoughts and feelings do not directly hurt Person A. Yet, if you let the negative thoughts and feelings fester then they are near occasions of possible harm. In other words, the unchecked negative thoughts and feelings very well could lead to harm. It is best to work on them so that they diminish.

  5. Jamie says:

    This seems to be the first step in the new and challenging life style that you are talking about in the the blog posted after this one. A commitment to doing no harm is so important for us all. It should be standard practice.


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