The Clash of Forgiveness and Evil

Lance Morrow: “Evil possesses an instinct for theater, which is why, in an era of gaudy and gifted media, evil may vastly magnify its damage by the power of horrific images.” If this is true, we need forgiveness all the more in our times.

Is there a better way of destroying the damaging effects of evil than forgiveness?  As a mode of peace, forgiveness is a paradox because at the same time it is a weapon, one that fights against the ravages of evil.  By destroying resentment, forgiveness is a protection for individuals, families, groups, and societies.


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  1. Marco says:

    There definitely is a battle going on in the world between the quest for goodness and the quest for power. These are incompatible. I am sorry to say this but too many western cultures, including the US, are being duped by the allure for power. Goodness including forgiveness eventually will win. The quest for power can be defeated by forgiveness because eventually power ends up insulting and oppressing all who fall into its trap. Power produces evil. Forgiveness defeats this.

  2. Chris says:

    Of course, we all have to be careful when forgiveness is a weapon. It could slide into what you call pseudo-forgiveness in which we keep reminding the other that we have forgiven her. This only increases resentment and does not solve problems.

  3. Blane says:

    Forgiveness will win every time. Even if this is not apparent in the short run, it will be very obvious in the long run.

  4. Martha says:

    Chris, when forgiveness is misunderstood, this is not a problem for forgiveness itself, right? We cannot blame it for certain people’s misunderstanding of it.


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