On the Vital Importance of Forgiveness Education

From the pen of Patrick Wells, producer, director, video journalist:

“Formal Forgiveness Education, invented by Robert Enright, is the best idea the Human Race has had since Jesus preached Forgiveness.”

Many people on the planet continue to exist within a tribe, sect, gang, race or mentality, unable to overcome hatred or prejudice against another group. This frequently manifests itself as violence. Learning how to forgive may be the best and fastest way to end systemic negativity against “other peoples.”

The best opportunity we have is to treat forgiveness as a skill and teach it at an early age in our elementary schools. If we can convince our children of the power and importance of forgiveness, when they become adults they will certainly be able to make effective use of this vital skill.

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“Forgiveness has the potential to transform our communities that have not known peace for decades and reshape our world.”

First published in WashingtonPost.com, 2010. Read the full article: Embracing Forgiveness Education to Reshape our World.”
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  1. Samantha says:

    Knowing forgiveness is far more important than a lot of the current requirements in elementary and secondary education. I wonder when educators will awaken to this. It truly is for the good of the children and for society as a whole.

  2. Chris says:

    Mr. Wells is right that forgiveness education is vital. I do wish that I had this when growing up. That pressure which I felt to forgive because mom and dad wanted me to forgive would have been put in perspective.

  3. Jasmine says:

    Yes, Mr. Wells is right. It is time for forgiveness education to be a standard part of the package that constitutes good education.

  4. Harriet M. says:

    This is a revolutionary idea. It is revolutionary not only for societies but also for the individual human heart.


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