Forgiveness as Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

We all quest after these three qualities of life: truth, goodness, and beauty. Too often, those who hurt us are not standing in the truth of who we are, they are not behaving in a morally good way toward us, and the outcome surely is not beautiful.

Those who hurt us leave a mess behind: a distortion of truth, goodness, and beauty.

Truth tells us who we are as persons. We are all special, unique, and irreplaceable. All persons have inherent worth.

Goodness conforms to truth. When we realize that all persons are special and possess inherent worth, our response of goodness should include fairness toward all as well as kindness, respect, generosity, and love.

Beauty is defined by goodness. If we are to respond to others with fairness, kindness, respect, generosity, and love, then we have to express this well from the heart.

So, how do we clean up the mess left behind by those who are cruel?

We should try to forgive with truth, goodness, and beauty. How do we do this?

In truth, we have to start forgiveness by understanding it clearly. Even when someone is cruel to us, the truth is that this person is special, unique, and irreplaceable. Even if this person has hurt us, he/she has inherent worth.

In goodness, even when someone is cruel to us, the challenge of goodness compels us to respond with fairness, kindness, respect, generosity, and love. Yes, even toward those who are cruel to us.

In beauty, even when someone is cruel to us, the challenge of beauty is to transform our hearts so that all of the goodness is not forced but is given willingly as a gift to that person.

As we apply truth, goodness, and beauty to those who have acted unfairly toward us, we not only help to clean up the mess left behind but also we are doing our part to make the world a more beautiful place.


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  1. Opel says:

    The Western world surly is losing it’s long-held value of questing after the truth. Now people cling to whatever opinions they wish to have. It is a shame and it reflects in the ever increasing ugliness of culture as seen, to use just one example, in the banality and crudity of what is on television.

  2. Pauline says:

    I think that forgiveness brings out the beauty in the forgiver, which can then bring out the beauty in the one who was cruel. What other thing in the world can do that?

  3. Robin Christoph says:

    Maybe forgiveness captures the world’s attention first by its beauty, as the one who forgives loves. Those who see that probe more deeply into what this beautiful thing is and then discover that it is good and truthful.

  4. Samantha says:

    Nice post. It got me thinking about how valuable forgiveness really is. And it does seem to be beautiful as you say. Thanks.

  5. Neva says:

    The beauty of forgiveness may draw others to try it. So my forgiving may help my own children appreciate the process as they see me going through it.


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