A Future with Forgiveness Education in World Conflict Zones

Within world conflict zones, we would like to see at least two generations of students (a 24-year vision) introduced to forgiveness with an increase in the developmental challenges for the students each year. By the end of secondary school (post-primary, high school), the students should have a strong foundation in understanding the term forgiveness, know the nuances of forgiving and receiving forgiveness, and have insights into how to give back to the community.  It is our hope that they might consider giving back to the community by introducing others to the concept of forgiveness and its application within friendship, family, and community groups.

Might these students, once they are adults, begin to see that all people possess inherent worth? Might it be a contradiction to one’s own identity to disparage people from “the other side” just because of where they were born, what they believe, or the color of their skin?

Excerpt from the book, Forgiveness Therapy, by R. Enright & R. Fitzgibbons. American Psychological Association, 2015.

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  1. Adhas says:

    So important. Thank you. I think this will require vigilance because teachers in war zones often are worn out by it all. Perseverance should prevail in bringing forgiveness education into its rightful place.

  2. Chris says:

    I like your point, Adhas. I would think that working in war zones would require a lot of effort on those providing the service. They would need to keep at it and keep at it.

  3. Samantha says:

    I fear for the next generation in war zones unless they learn to forgive when young. Aggression can be perpetuated for centuries. Forgiveness is our hope for stopping this cycle.


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