What is emotional imprisonment toward oneself?

Sometimes we harbor deep resentment over a long period of time because we think we are somehow getting back at those who have wronged us as we keep the anger deep inside.  Yet, in my own experience, those who hold onto that anger are punishing the self more than the other, who may not care that you are so angry.  When a person deliberately keeps such anger inside, he or she is keeping the self in an emotional prison which eventually could rob that person of happiness.  Forgiveness is one important way of letting that anger out, which then can increase happiness.

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  1. Lynn Hare says:

    Great post! There are two layers going on: forgiving others, and forgiving ourselves. When I forgive others, it changes the atmosphere to one of sustained acceptance and trust. When I forgive them, I can relax into a place of internal peace. When I humbly reach forward and give others permission to fail, and relax in the process, I find that the foundations of the relationship are stronger, and the resulting freedom is powerful.

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