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As people start to practice forgiveness, it seems to me that they often develop in humility, too. I am wondering what your view is on this.

Yes, I do see that as people develop in the virtue of forgiveness that they often grow in humility.  Humility is not something to be condemned, as the 19th century philosopher Nietzsche seemed to do.  Humility is not a quality of allowing oneself to become a doormat for others.  Instead, it is a stance of not thinking of oneself as superior, or trying to continually win regarding one’s relationship with others.  Humility is seeing that one is neither superior or inferior to others, but instead that we all have built-in worth.  Forgiveness fosters this idea that all people have worth, including those who have acted unfairly toward the forgiver.  Thus, humility and forgiveness share this common view of all people.

For additional information, see:  Learning to Forgive Others.

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