Your Forgiveness Story

Dan Erickson

My story is too long to share in this forum. I was the child victim of a cult. It took me years to work through my feelings of hate and anger. I’ve recently published a book: A Train Called Forgiveness. Learn more at

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I was someone who was bullied in middle school. I was not so great at sports and I was quiet. This made me a target for about four other guys, who thought they were amazing. Sometimes, they would push against me as I walked through the halls and sometimes they would sit down by me at lunch and start whispering bad stuff in my ear as I tried to eat. Once I started to look them in the eye and talk in a way that showed them I was not about to take this, they started to back off, way off. I started to forgive them before I stood my ground and I am glad I did. Otherwise things could have gotten out of hand and a big fight could have started. They saw that I meant what I said and they did not want what was going to happen next. They were all talk and no courage. When I saw that it was even easier to forgive. They were scared kids trying to be tough.

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Erika – EMP

Hello Every One,

I was encouraged by Professor Robert Enright to share my story here… At full length you can read about it in my debut book, It Is Forgiven by EMP.

“I was a bullied child. I was a rape victim. I was a battered woman. I was a betrayed daughter and goddaughter. I was a refugee. But I am a survivor. In this memoir, I share my life’s journey, my hopes, my dreams, and my darkest moments. I share the details about my upbringing in Hungary, my tormented childhood and teen years, my introduction to the man who would become my abuser, and my move to a foreign country.

It Is Forgiven 
recounts my experiences of domestic violence, emotional and sexual abuse, and years and years of betrayal. It examines how one horrific event led to another and how the abuse escalated in both frequency and violence. Even though I was a battered woman I had the courage to save myself and my two beautiful baby’s that are my life! My hope is that with my book I would inspire and encourage other women that may be facing similar circumstances and to speak out instead of suffering in silence.”

I would be honoured if you would find an interest in reading my book, which is available here. Thank you!

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My father abandoned mother and me when I was toddler. He come no more. Mother she work 2 maybe 3 jobs. Poverty and sickness. Finally I placed in foster care and had to work hard. Foster parents value education much. So I get high school degree. See father as very troulbed. Scared. He do not know how to be father. Make me feel sad for him. I forgive him. I feel better and hope to meet him some day. Thank you.

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My father left our family when I was little and never came back. He let me grow up without him. I thought when I became an adult that maybe he was just too weak–no courage–to hang in there with all the responsibilities. Then I found out that he remarried and has children in the new marriage. This was really hard on me and I am still struggling to forgive him. It would have been easier if my first impression was right, that he lacked courage. So, I am trying to forgive him even with this new information. I do see him as confused and he missed out on my brother and me growing up. He may live to regret that. I hope I can forgive enough to talk with him if he contacts us. That is my goal now, to be able to do that if he shows up.

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