Forgiveness Therapy in Practice


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Robert D. Enright, PhD
Part of the Relationships Video Series
Format: DVD (Closed Captioned)
Running Time: More than 100 minutes
Item #: 4310950
ISBN: 978-1-4338-2126-4
Publication Date: December 2015
Cost: $99.95

In this 100-minute video program, Dr. Enright demonstrates his approach to forgiveness therapy with a female client who feels hurt by her mother.

Forgiveness is the process of uncovering and letting go of anger at someone who has caused pain. This process can be the path to healing in many situations, as anger is frequently at the core of a client’s issues and may be the center of a number of disorders.

The forgiveness therapy model is flexible enough to be integrated into any therapeutic approach. Fostering forgiveness in therapy involves uncovering the depth of the client’s anger, obtaining commitment to forgive, and working on being able to forgive. The final phase of this therapy is the discovery of meaning in what has been suffered, finding a new purpose in life, and exploring one’s own faults and the need to be forgiven by others.

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