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Forgiveness Therapy:
An Empirical Guide to Resolving Anger and Restoring Hope

For licensed psychologists and other helping professionals

This CE course is based on the recently published book by the same title: Forgiveness Therapy by psychologist Dr. Robert Enright and psychiatrist Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons. Publication of the book itself by the APA signifies that Forgiveness Therapy is now rightfully taking its place alongside such historically accepted therapies as Psychoanalysis, Humanistic Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy–a huge step forward for forgiveness. This course will help you understand the significance and capabilities of forgiveness therapy.

The course work includes the empirical foundations of forgiveness therapy, process models of forgiveness interventions, and the clinical application of forgiveness in a variety of clinical presentations such as depressive and anxiety disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, marital and family adjustment disorders.

The goal of the home study course is to provide professionals: 1) with an understanding of the empirical basis for forgiveness in therapy; 2) with a working knowledge of the psychological processes of forgiveness; 3) with an understanding of the relevance of forgiveness for many clinical presentations; and 4) with clinical expertise in applying the forgiveness process to his/her own practice.

While Forgiveness Therapy is the required course text, all course work is offered online.  The book Forgiveness Therapy must be purchased separately. The book can be ordered on or from the APA. In addition to the Forgiveness Therapy text, students gain insight from an instructor-prepared Content Summary that accompanies each unit of the text; Read the Chapter One Content Summary.

Dr. Elizabeth Gassin

Dr. Robert Enright

The faculty includes Dr. Robert Enright, Licensed Psychologist and Professor of Education Psychology, and DrElizabeth Gassin, Professor of Educational Psychology at Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais, IL. Both these instructors have more than 20 years of experience researching and teaching about forgiveness. View the full CV of: 1) Dr. Robert Enrightand, 2) Dr. Elizabeth Gassin.

This course was developed for Licensed Psychologists who are only now learning about the psychology of forgiveness as well as those with intermediate and advanced knowledge in the area. It has also proven beneficial, however, for ministers, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and other professional counselors who have completed it. 

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The cost for the course, faculty guidance, and supplemental materials (Content Summaries for each of the 15 units) is $175.00. 

The International Forgiveness Institute developed this course for psychologists with guidance from the American Psychological Association (APA). The International Forgiveness Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Emily Atallah

Read a compelling review of this CE Course written by Emily Atallah, an existential logotherapeutic coach who has incorporated forgiveness into her daily client therapy sessions. According to Emily,

My time studying at the Forgiveness Institute gave me more tools to better treat my clients, to measure their progress and to encourage them to strive for a better and more meaningful life.”

Emily Atallah




Another Unsolicited CE Course Review:

“Overall, as a healthcare chaplain and a clergy person, the Forgiveness Therapy course equips me to think about and to work with forgiveness in a practical way that bridges the gap between the theology and theory and the everyday need for many to start to do something more constructive with their anger.”

Randy Miota

Randy Miota, Manager of Chaplaincy Services
Spectrum Health Lakeland, St. Joseph, MI




Read Chaplain Miota’s full review.

Read about Clare McCaffrey, a Relationship and Life Coach in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, who is one of only two people in the 13-year history of the course to ever compile a perfect score on the 15-unit Forgiveness Therapy course.

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