Tagged: “disrespect”

I am working for a company that does not have good human relations skills.  There is a subtle sense of disrespect that pervades the work environment.  Do I forgive certain people or do I begin to forgive the company?  If you say it is the company, how do you go about forgiving such an abstract entity?

You can forgive those who specifically have hurt you.  Also, because the company is made up of persons who either explicitly or implicitly have created this norm of disrespect, you can forgive the company personnel who have established this unhealthy norm.  You can forgive these persons even if you never met them.  After all, they are persons and they have made mistakes in how they operate.  Even if this company was established 100 years ago, you can forgive those who started the company if it seems that this norm of disrespect was cultivated by them.

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