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Does forgiveness come from within us? Is it innate or just a learned characteristic? I wonder what Christianity has to say about this?

I doubt that we are born with forgiveness in our heart because of the Christian idea of original sin.  According to Aristotle, we have the **capacity** or the **potential** to develop in the moral virtues, but it takes effort to grow in these virtues. Christianity, I think, would agree with this idea of potential because, according to the Hebrew scriptures, we are all made in the image and likeness of God.

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I know that forgiving is important in both Judaism and Christianity. Is forgiveness mentioned in other faiths or worldviews such as Islam or Buddhism?

There is a book in the Koran called Joseph, which is based on the story of Joseph forgiving his half-brothers in Genesis within the Hebrew scriptures.  Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism have favorable views of forgiving.  My book, Forgiveness Therapy, discusses these different viewpoints.  The different world religions do not talk negatively about forgiveness.  Buddhism does not have a word for forgiveness, but some of the stories in Buddhism show forgiveness.  Again, I discuss this in the book, Forgiveness Therapy.

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