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How can forgiveness induce hope in the one who forgives?

I think this occurs because the forgivers begin to realize that they can face unjust treatment in the future and they now have an effective way (forgiveness) of confronting the effects of the injustice.  Forgiveness allows people to move on well in life without getting immersed in bitterness.

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It seems that the pandemic is challenging people’s sense of hope. How would you define hope?

Hope involves a desire that is held with a certain conviction that the desire will be accomplished. To hope is to trust in certain future outcomes. The outcomes can include: a) an inner transformation [reduction in anxiety, greater inner peace, as examples]; b) a change in relationships [finding one’s true love, as an example]; c) an alteration of environmental circumstances [better living conditions, a new job, more money]; and, d) transcendent expectations [eternal life of happiness].

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