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I have anger left over after having gone though your forgiveness process. Does this mean that I have not forgiven?

The answer depends on how much anger you still have.  As you know, when a person has a sports injury and seeks medical help, there often is a chart in the doctor’s office with a 1-to-10 scale showing different levels of pain and the patient’s task is to place a number on the pain. I now ask you to take that 1-to-10 chart and turn it into a measure of anger.  How much anger is in your heart, most of the time, when you think back to the person who hurt you? Let us say that 1 equals very minimal anger and 10 equals almost unbearable anger.  Where do you place your anger on this 1-to-10 scale?  If the level of anger is in the 1-4 range this is quite typical. Many people do have some residual anger left over after they have forgiven.

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