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Why is it so much easier to hold onto anger than it is to forgive?

Holding on to anger can be a way of feeling in control when others treat you in such a way that it is all too easy to feel out of control.  Also, the anger can give a person a sense of power, specifically power over others.  Further, anger can become a habit, even if this is unintended.  This habit can be very hard to break.  Forgiveness has been shown scientifically to break this habit of anger.

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You just made a distinction between power **over** and power **for.** I will take power **over** all the time because this power **for** others usually results in my being taken advantage of.  No thank you. I am better off being the one in charge.

Your trust seems to be damaged.  If so, this idea of power **over** others may be a defense mechanism to aid you in not being hurt again.  Am I correct about this?  If so, then your quest for power **over** others will not heal your inner wounds caused by others.  Of course, I could be wrong about this, but please introspect for a while to see if you have unresolved inner wounds in need of healing.  Please write back if you have new insights.

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