Do You Want to Become a Forgiving Person?

“I hope you are beginning to see that forgiveness is not only something you do, nor is it just a feeling or a thought inside you. It pervades your very being. Forgiveness, in other words, might become a part of your identity, a part of who you are as a person. Try this thought on for size to see if it fits: I am a forgiving person. Did that hurt or feel strange? Try it again. Of course, to say something like this and then to live your life this way will take plenty of practice. Part of that practice is to get to know the entire process of forgiveness”

Excerpt from the book, The Forgiving Life, page 79.

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  1. Jamaica says:

    This is an entirely new idea to me that forgiveness is a life-long quest to make one’s personality more merciful. This idea has helped me a lot. Thank you.


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