Nigerian Bloodbath May End as Two Sides Pledge Forgiveness


Premium Times, Abuja, Nigeria – After years of devastating communal bloodbath with heavy casualties on both sides, the Fulanis (one of Nigeria’s three major ethnic groups) and Beroms (one of Nigeria’s major aborigine ethnic groups) say they have forgiven each other and resolved to co-exist peacefully.

The guerilla-fashioned violence had been characterized by deadly midnight attacks, killing of farmers and herdsmen on the fields, destruction of farmlands, as well as the killing and rustling of cows. Thousands were reportedly killed in the bloodbath that persisted.

The peace talks were uniquely initiated by the warring communities themselves. Haruna Boro, who led the Fulani team, declared that his community had forgiven all and was prepared for peace.

“We have resolved to forgive and forge ahead,” he said. “We want the Beroms to demonstrate equal forgiving spirit because we have resolved never to attack anyone any longer.”

For their part, the Beroms said they have also forgiven. Our parents taught us to love everyone. In fact, my own father built a house for his Fulani neighbor,” said Moday Dalyop, a Berom elder. “But we teach our children a different thing and that is why they take up arms against each other.”

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