Parents Forgive Hit-and-Run Driver for Killing Their Girls, Denver, CO – Susan Dieter and her husband Tom Robinson are suffering from a heartbreak that is difficult to comprehend. The couple lost both their 6-year-old daughter, Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, and her 11-year-old stepsister, Abigail Robinson, to a hit and run driver on October 20, 2013.

Less than two weeks later, the couple told a television reporter that they forgave the teenage girl who ran over their two young daughters.

Authorities said the girls were playing in a pile of leaves near theSisters5 street outside their home in Forest Grove, OR, when an     18-year-old female driver “intentionally” drove through the large pile and “felt a bump” but failed to stop.

Despite the horrific accident, the parents of the two young girls say they have already made their peace with the teen who killed their girls.

“I can’t change what happened to my girls,” said Susan Dieter. “I’ve said many times I just want to wake up, reverse the clocks, but I can’t change it.”

Family friend and Pastor Eric Schmitt of the Sunrise Church said the couple’s reaction may be unusual, but that their forgiveness is an example to all of us.

“By their actions, by their behavior, and by their character, that’s who we’re all supposed to be,” Schmitt said.

Read the full story: Forgiveness over tragedy: Parents forgive hit and run driver for killing girls.”

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