Woman Forgives Man Who Ran Down and Killed her Husband

Daily Mail.com, London, UK – A 74-year-old woman in Bournemouth, England (about 2-hours southeast of London) has appealed to a municipal judge to help the driver who ran down her husband avoid a prison sentence.

Patricia Machin said she had no “ill thoughts or grudges” against Brian Williamson, the driver of the car that killed her 77-year-old husband Gerrard as he was crossing the road to buy his morning paper. Mrs Machin even hugged the sobbing defendant as he left court after receiving a suspended sentence.

“It isn’t that I have forgiven Brian, it was that I never blamed him in theForgive for peace of mind first place,” Mrs. Machin said. “It was a mistake. He has suffered enough already and will have to live with what he did. I didn’t want to see him going to prison; he is someone’s son after all.”

In a letter to the sentencing judge, Mrs. Machin wrote:

“I have never for a single second had any sort of angry or vengeful thoughts towards this young man. If asked, he would confirm to you that just after the accident and his arrest, I comforted him in his distress. Even though at the time we stood beside a pool of Gerrard’s blood, and I was panicking, because having gone out to look for Gerrard, I was faced with the horror of the situation, I felt only pity for the driver.”

In a separate letter she sent Williamson just before the sentencing hearing she wrote:

“Today is a very important day and I will be in court to support you. On the day of the accident, however bad it was for me, I realise it was 1,000 times worse for you. Will you make me a promise, that you will get on with your young life, knowing that you will always be supported by my prayers?”

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  1. Samantha says:

    I don’t think I could ever forgive “quickly” for something like this. I might get discouraged if I thought I had to forgive quickly. This instead is a journey with lots of struggle.

  2. josh says:

    I agree, Samantha. I would have to take the long view and realize this will be a slow step-by-step encounter.


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