You talk of being trapped in an emotional prison when feeling resentment for a long time. What is the best way to get out of that prison? I know you might say for me to follow your process. What I mean is this: Should I walk this path on my own or do journaling or talk with a friend of maybe a therapist? What is the best way to walk that path?

There are many ways to walk the path of forgiveness and I would urge you not to think in “either-or” ways. In other words, why not start a journal and talk with a friend? It would be best if the friend understands and is supportive of forgiveness. It is the same with a therapist. You would want to choose a  therapist who understands what forgiveness is and is supportive of your efforts to walk this path. If you do not like journaling, it is not necessary. The key is to find supports in ways that truly benefit your goal of forgiving.

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