In your experience, have you found that there is a particular kind of person who is hardest for most people to forgive, for example, a romantic partner or a father?

Yes, in my experience the hardest person to forgive for many people is—–the self. We tend to be harder on ourselves than on other people. So, if you have broken your own standards of right and wrong, consider self-forgiving and please be patient with yourself.  Whatever you have offered to others in forgiving them, please offer to yourself, and please make amends with (ask for forgiveness from) those you may have injured in breaking your own standards.

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  1. V.E.G. says:

    It seems possible that Tonja (Johnson) Engel forgave the perpetrator from Umpqua. Her son, Jason, died for his beliefs and he was a former felon and former drug addict and became a Christian.


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